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Why does my phone case turn yellow?

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China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Why does my phone case turn yellow?
Latest company news about Why does my phone case turn yellow?

Changing a mobile phone case is like changing a new mobile phone, but there is always a problem that bothers us, that is: why is the mobile phone case so easy to yellow? It used to be a good phone case, but it turned yellow after a period of time. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder can't bear it!

Phone case

Why does the phone case you buy turn yellow?

This can be traced back to the material of your mobile phone case. As we all know, the yellowing of plastic and rubber is one of their basic characteristics. The sulfide inside is easily oxidized, and once oxidized, yellowing is inevitable. So if you want a mobile phone case that does not turn yellow, the choice of material is very important, so what kind of mobile phone case is qualified? How can I know if the phone case fits or not?

phone case
Testing before mass production is the core focus. Only high-quality products that have been tested can maintain the gloss and transparency of the phone case.


The UV ultraviolet aging test chamber of Haiyou Testing Instrument can accurately test the yellowing resistance of TPU, which refers to the whole process of simulating the aging condition of the commodity caused by the factors involved in the actual application standard to carry out the relative standard improvement test. Aging test for resistance to sun and artificial lighting. The experiment simulates the damage effect of the sun, humidity and temperature on the material; the aging of raw materials includes fading, loss of gloss, reduction in compressive strength, cracking, peeling, delamination and air oxidation. The ultraviolet aging box simulates the sun according to the simulation, and it is cold and cold. Of course, it is wet and cold. The test sample is tested in the simulated sunlight and ultraviolet natural environment for tens of minutes or even a few days. Years of damage, and how many years ago the application of the product was. It can accurately detect the degree of yellowing of the mobile phone case, and select better transparent mobile phone case materials.

UV Aging Test Chamber

Choosing a mobile phone case produced by a regular manufacturer and tested by UV aging test with stable performance can delay the aging speed. In addition, I will give you a warm reminder to avoid long-term direct sunlight on the mobile phone case, which can also slow down the rate of yellowing.


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