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What tests are required for new energy vehicle batteries?

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China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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What tests are required for new energy vehicle batteries?
Latest company news about What tests are required for new energy vehicle batteries?

In our lives, new energy vehicles have become a common means of travel, which greatly reduces air pollution for our environment, but the question is, how can the important components of new energy vehicles, namely batteries, be selected? A good car battery needs to be tested and tested layer by layer. The laboratory needs to test all the processes before knowing whether the battery is safe to install in the car.


Battery short-circuit test box: place the fully charged battery in an environment of 55°C±5°C, wait for the battery surface temperature to reach 55°C±5°C, leave it for 30 minutes, and then connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery with wires. And ensure that all external resistances are 80±20mΩ, monitor the temperature change of the battery surface during the test, when one of the following two situations occurs, the test is terminated:

(1) The battery surface temperature drop is 20% lower than the peak value;

(2) The short-circuit time reaches 24 hours; the battery should not catch fire or explode, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 150℃.

battery test machine

Battery drop test machine: This machine is suitable for the battery free drop test of small consumer electronic products and components such as mobile phones (mobile phones), walkie-talkies, electronic dictionaries, apartment intercoms, CD/MD/MP3 and other small consumer electronic products and components; Using pneumatic structure, place the test piece in a special fixture (adjustable stroke) to hold it firmly, press the drop button, the cylinder will be released, and the test piece will be subjected to a free fall test.

battery test machine


Battery explosion-proof test box: This test machine is mainly used for battery overcharge and over-discharge. During the charge and discharge test, the battery is placed in an explosion-proof box, and an external charge and discharge tester is connected to protect the operator and the instrument. The test box can be customized according to the test requirements.



Battery high-altitude and low-voltage simulation testing machine: This test box is designed for UL, EN, IEC and other standard test requirements. It can reach the low-pressure storage state of the sample in a short period of time. It can automatically control the test cycle and monitor the air pressure change in the box throughout the process. To achieve automatic termination of the experiment. The simulated battery and battery pack are stored for 6 hours under the conditions of a pressure equal to or lower than 11.6kPa and an ambient temperature of (20±5) °C, and the battery is qualified if it does not explode or fire.

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