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The Problem of Car Seat Sponge Collapse

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China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Company News
The Problem of Car Seat Sponge Collapse
Latest company news about The Problem of Car Seat Sponge Collapse

I believe that many owners of friends in the car after a period of time, will find the problem of car seat sponge collapse, often on both sides of the seat collapse, damage problems are the most serious.

For the above situation, we usually use the following methods to solve:

1. Use a seat cushion.Cushion cushion is undoubtedly the most simple method, is also a very practical method, if it is more serious collapse is recommended not to use the cushion.

2. Repair your seat.Because most people do not have experience and technology, the standard of the seat is not clear, often will choose to go to the car shop to repair the seat.

3. Buy the same size seat.You can buy the same model online or in stores and replace it directly.

4. Replace sponges that have collapsed.Generally go to the garage can be changed, this is for the friend who does not want to change the chair is a very good choice, it is also the most cost-effective.

As a manufacturer, we should think about this situation: how to avoid this kind of situation before the problem occurs?How to let the owners in a short time will not encounter such a situation, which can improve the trust of our customers.For this reason, most manufacturers will test the products after production, in order to ensure product quality.

HD-AF750-1A sponge hardness fatigue tester for the determination of porous elastic material concave hardness.It can test polyurethane foam sample according to the national standard, accurately measure the indentation hardness of sponge, foam and other materials. It can also be used to measure the indentation hardness of seat foam (such as backrest, cushion foam, etc.), and accurately measure the indentation hardness of seat foam parts.In addition, the instrument can also carry out reciprocating compression test for foam polymeric materials, and determine the thickness reduction value and residual deformation rate of the sample, so as to understand the dynamic fatigue characteristics of the material.

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High-quality products are one of the manifestations of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Product testing in accordance with the standard fatigue performance testing methods to improve product quality can ensure that enterprises can occupy the market, so as to be able to continue operating.

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