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The importance of switch life detection

China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Company News
The importance of switch life detection
Latest company news about The importance of switch life detection

               We are all familiar with the on/off switch,every day to turn on the lights, turn off the lights, computers, TV switch machine, fire cooking and so on will use the switch, but few people pay attention to the service life of the switch.With the non-stop use of the switch, after a long time, the leakage protection switch will fail, resulting in a lot of safety risks.

               The life of the switch should be based on the use of the switch and the quality of the material, good quality can be used for more than ten years, but poor quality can only be used for a few months, or even a few weeks.Therefore, do a good switch life test, put an end to defective, inferior products have an important impact on our daily life.

              In our daily life, the service life of switches does not seem to attract much attention from us. When this neglect leads to safety accidents, people notice the importance of switch detection, but it is often too late.



No.1 Button Switch

               First, take the button switch, some electrical equipment, public facilities will be equipped with button switches, do a good job of button switch life test, timely elimination of safety risks, is necessary and urgent to complete things.For the fatigue life test of the button switch, the button fatigue life tester independently developed by Haida can detect these safety risks of the switch, providing a strong guarantee  for quality inspection work.

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Bush-button Switch Life Tester (four stations)



No.2 Knob Switch

               The design of electric cooker, electric fan, gas cooker and other switches mostly adopts knob style. For the test of knob switch life, the self-developed knob switch life tester of Haida can accurately simulate the state of the switch when it is working.

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Knob Switch Life Tester (four stations)

             The clamp fixed the sample, the clamping block clamped the drive switch to do 0-180° positive and negative rotation test, the design of four stations to make the test more efficient.




No.3 Air Switch

             Air switch, also known as air breaker, is a type of circuit breaker.Is a circuit as long as the current exceeds the rated current will automatically disconnect the switch.

             HD-K920-3 air switch life tester is suitable for air switch, circuit breaker fatigue test, applied to industry, automation equipment and other industries.

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K920-3 Air Switch Life Tester



              Three different specifications of the switch life tester in various switch life test play their own advantages, although the function is different, but there are some common parts.For example, the device is equipped with multiple power jacks, which can be used for live and non-live test of samples, automatic counting function, automatic data saving after power failure and other intelligent design, and the controller is equipped with automatic detection of sample damage function, automatic recording of the test times when the sample is damaged, etc.


              In addition, Haida can provide customized services, Please contact us if necessary.

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