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Textile Testing

China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Textile Testing
Latest company news about Textile Testing

Textile testing is the term for a whole series of tests that examine the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of textiles. These tests are sometimes done before a textile goes into widespread use, or they're done on textiles arriving from other countries for sale in US markets. Countries like the United States have established standards for what should and should not be in textile products. Tests can show whether companies making textiles are in compliance or not.


Why do such tests?

They can ensure that a given textile is what a manufacturer or importer says it is. Sometimes, testing is done while textiles are being manufactured, to identify problems or faults in the machinery making them, and to double-check that materials being used for a specific textile are appropriate.


Testing methods (sources of testing standards):
Testing is done primarily to test the quality and there are different ways to carry out a test. Sometimes, different principles and instruments may be employed to test a single criterion. Hence it is important to standardize the testing methods or procedures. Various national and international organizations have established standards for textile testing. Some of the organizations involved in developing textile testing standards are as follows:
AATCC - American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
BSI - British Standards Institute



There are many kinds of textile test instruments, such as mechanical properties test instruments, appearance quality testing instruments, fabric style test instruments, physical properties test instruments and process properties test instruments.


Mechanical Properties Test Instruments:

Test the various properties of textile materials under mechanical external forces, with tensile properties test instruments and wear-resistant properties test instruments.


Appearance quality test instruments:

usually refers to the yarn dry, yarn defects, printing and dyeing fabric cloth dyeing fastness, etc.


Fabric style test instruments:

including fabric wrinkle recovery angle tester and fabric surface homogeneity tester Physical Properties Test instrument: An instrument for testing the breathability, moisture permeability and electrical properties of textile materials. Tests of these properties can reflect the comfort and hygiene of clothing fabrics when they are taken.


Process Properties Test Instruments:

Instruments that test fiber length, fineness, curl, yarn twist, yarn hairiness and moisture return, and other process properties.


Fabric Fabric Testing Instruments:

Mainly refers to the fabric strong tensile machine, zipper fatigue tester, Fabric pilling tester, ICI pilling Tester, Button tension tester, zipper reciprocating fatigue tester, roller type pilling instrument, water degree tester, fabric flat grinder, fabric thickness gauge, fabric density mirror, fabric tearing instrument, fabric gram weight meter, hit pushbutton, cloth heavy balance, cutting device

, cutting knife, general wear resistance tester, thermal resistance wet resistance tester, breathability tester, breaking tester, Sun color fastness tester, seepage tester, moisture management system tester, etc.

Printing and dyeing color fastness textile instruments:

Anti-sweat color fastness tester, friction color fastness tester (friction color fastness tester, AATCC rotary friction color fastness instrument), dyeing fastness friction meter, horizontal combustion tester, vertical combustion tester, 45-degree combustion tester, color-washing fastness tester, shrinkage tester.

General textile Testing Equipment:

Metal detector, standard color light box, needle detector, magnifying glass.
Textile Simulation Environment Testing instruments: pointer push tension meter, digital display tension meter, digital temperature and humidity meter, infrared thermometer, illumination meter, noise meter, constant temperature and humidity box, drying box, wind speed thermometer, chromatic aberration meter, constant temperature incubator, temperature and humidity recorder.



Haida is a large manufacturer of physical testing instruments with more than 13 years of experience, Overseas there are India, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Menga A number of distribution service providers, such as pulling. Able to quickly provide the most professional and convenient service to the whole country and the world at large.


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