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Stress and emotion management

China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
The instruments you recommend are very suitable for the testing needs of our laboratory products, after-sale is very patient to answer all our questions, and guide us how to operate, very nice.

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You are very professional partners and we are willing to establish long-term cooperative relations with you.

—— Wojtek Krawczyk

On behalf of the company to visit your factories and companies, the technical staff is very professional and patient, I think I would be happy to cooperate with you again.

—— Manuel Munoz

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Company News
Stress and emotion management
Latest company news about Stress and emotion management

Stress and emotion management



In today's society where material life is becoming more and more abundant, food and clothing is no longer a difficult goal. People are beginning to pursue spiritual prosperity and improve their self-cultivation.

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So the scientific question of "stress and emotion management" was born. This course can help us in this materialistic society, gradually calm our impetuous and anxious hearts, and welcome work and life with a more relaxed, passionate and full mentality.

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Our Haida Group specially invited senior Chinese psychological coaches to the factory site to share a mental health salon on "stress and emotion management". Let us learn how to do the masters of mood.


At the beginning of the salon, we first enter the meditation session. Under the graceful and steady language of the host, we enter a meditation state, our thoughts are empty, emotions and worries seem to disappear, and the whole person is very relaxed!

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Start to enter the topic.
In the meeting, listening to the lectures of the psychological coach, I learned a lot.
If we want to manage emotions well, we must first understand it before we can prescribe the right medicine, know ourselves and the enemy, and defeat it.


Before the class, I had never thought about the difference between thoughts and emotions. I thought that these two are the same thing, just different opinions.
But in fact these two are very different!
Let me give you an example. One day it rained, and the crops in the farmer’s field were dry for several days. Looking at this rainy day, the farmer couldn’t help sighing, "It’s raining." At the same time, a young man who was going to go out to play golf. Trapped at home on a rainy day, I couldn't help saying "Oh, it's raining!"
Obviously, the farmer's uncle is happy about this rainy day, and the youth is troubled.
It can be seen that the idea of the same thing varies from person to person.
Emotions do not come from this matter, but from the thoughts on this matter. This is the difference between them. If we want to control our emotions, we must first control our thoughts!

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The concept of conversion, to change his mind, everyone can become the masters of their own emotions on!

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