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Sponge foam falling ball rebound tester

China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Sponge foam falling ball rebound tester
Latest company news about Sponge foam falling ball rebound tester


With the improvement of living standards, consumers have higher requirements for purchasing household products, and the industry standards are also getting higher and higher. In addition, the epidemic has also prompted environmental protection and health to become the main theme.


Flexible polyurethane foam has good softness, high resilience, can be bent and cut arbitrarily, light weight and good chemical stability, so flexible polyurethane foam is usually used as a thermal insulation material and a buffer material. It is used in furniture, car seats, sofas, mattresses, etc.

1. Test items for flexible polyurethane foam
1. Appearance quality inspection items: color, pores, cracks, surface on both sides, pollution
2. Dimensional deviation measurement items: length, width, thickness
3. Physical and mechanical properties testing items: tensile strength, elongation, 75% compression set rate, rebound rate, tear strength, indentation performance, moisture absorption rate
4. Combustion performance testing items: flame retardant grade, oxygen index measurement, vertical burning test, horizontal burning test, smoke density grade, and corner burning test.


latest company news about Sponge foam falling ball rebound tester  0


For the rebound rate of flexible polyurethane foam, our company has specially developed a simple equipment--sponge falling ball rebound tester. The product performance is as follows:
1. The sponge falling ball rebound tester has a steel ball of a certain quality and diameter, which falls from a fixed height to the surface of the sample, measures the height of the steel ball bouncing, and calculates the percentage of the ratio of the steel ball bouncing height to the falling height.
2. The sponge falling ball rebound tester is controlled by a microprocessor, and the liquid crystal display is displayed in Chinese, and the test data can be printed.
3. The sponge falling ball rebound tester has the characteristics of safety, reliability and high measurement accuracy.
4. Beautiful and generous
The main structure of the sponge falling ball rebound tester is made of silver-gray painted steel plate and APS high-strength aluminum alloy profile bracket, which is fixed by stainless steel screws (non-electroplating), which is beautiful and elegant.
5. High data capture rate
The sponge falling ball rebound tester adopts a ring-shaped anti-jamming device, which is a technology that can shield the influence of the external environment on the infrared grasping of the instrument, so that the grasping rate of the instrument is as high as 96%.
6. Dual-standard switching
The sponge falling ball rebound tester meets both the national standard 460mm rebound coefficient and the American standard 500mm rebound coefficient, and the manual sliding switching device can freely switch between the two standards.
7. Automatic correction function
In the case of errors in the sponge falling ball rebound tester, the microcomputer automatically corrects the errors to ensure the accuracy of the test data.
8. Simple operation
The sponge ball rebound tester adopts TST intelligent control system and Chinese menu, which has the advantages of simple operation, abnormal alarm, less daily maintenance, and one-key printing of test data.
9. Level adjustment
The Sponge Ball Rebound Tester is equipped with a spirit level, which can intuitively understand the horizontal position of the instrument, and can use the foot pad to lift and lower to adjust the level.

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