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Let's learn about the xenon aging chamber(Part I)

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China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Company News
Let's learn about the xenon aging chamber(Part I)
Latest company news about Let's learn about the xenon aging chamber(Part I)

Let's learn about the xenon aging chamber


What is the xenon aging test chamber It is a test instrument with light, temperature and humidity. Many products are put outdoors, through the sun exposure, acid rain washing, mold degradation, the product after a period of use was destroyed, some appearance changed color, no longer beautiful, and some even internal and external product core components damage, the machine was unusable and had to be replaced.

It may take a month, a year, or longer. The Xenon lamp aging chamber is designed to simulate harsh conditions, one day in the test chamber is equivalent to one month in the open air, and half a month in the test chamber is equivalent to six months to one year in the open air.

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So if we want to set the life of our products at 10 years, then we can not wait for 10 years to see the results of mass production, we can put in the xenon lamp aging test box, placed in a month to two months, it is equivalent to five to ten years in the open air, in the test samples found to be substandard, can be improved immediately, after improvement can be mass-produced, that is, to ensure quality, and save time.

Xenon lamp aging test chamber from light energy, temperature, rain or condensation, humidity, these key climatic factors to simulate and strengthen the experiment; Xenon arc lamps, which can imitate the full sunlight spectrum, are used to reproduce the destructive light waves in different environments.


Which industries need to use xenon lamp weathering test box?


Xenon lamp weathering test chamber uses xenon lamp to simulate the ultraviolet, visible and infrared light in the natural climate, and uses the light to aging the product, so as to quickly determine whether the product is light-resistant. It is mainly used in coating, building materials, textiles, furniture, leather and other industries.

Coating: people are placed in the outdoor, so the car shell need to do light test, to see whether the shell material long-term in the light will wear out the paint.

Building materials: can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials and some special materials. Materials exposed to sunlight for a long time need to be tested for light resistance using a Xenon lamp aging chamber.

Textiles: in layman’s terms, the clothes people wear, the curtains in their homes, and so on, require light testing to see if they fade over time.

Furniture Leather: a set of good furniture believe a family will use for 40,50 years, of course, good furniture is also need to do experiments, not only need to do light test, but also need to do temperature and humidity test, to see if the skin will peel off after years of use.

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