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Let's learn about the xenon aging chamber(Part Ⅱ)

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China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Company News
Let's learn about the xenon aging chamber(Part Ⅱ)
Latest company news about Let's learn about the xenon aging chamber(Part Ⅱ)

Xenon lamp weathering test chamber is divided into which categories?

Water-cooled type (such as sheet, strip) is recommended for small size samples, while air-cooled type is recommended for large irregular size samples.

Advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled xenon lamp weathering test chamber.

Advantages: the water-cooled xenon lamp tube is installed in the middle of the equipment, is installed vertically, with a sample of the turntable around the lamp tube rotation. The advantage of this method is that the distance between each sample and the lamp tube is equal, and the irradiation intensity of each sample is the same.

Disadvantages: turntable installation equipment larger volume, and equipped with cold water equipment, pure water system, so in the price is relatively expensive, in addition, the use of supplies: water-cooled xenon lamp prices are higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of xenon lamp weathering test chamber with air cooling.

Advantages: the tube of the air-cooled xenon lamp is mounted above the inner box of the equipment and is mounted laterally. The sample holder is mounted in the middle of the inner box and the distance from the xenon lamp can be adjusted according to the size of the sample, the larger testing space is suitable for testing the sample with irregular size. The price is relatively affordable.

Disadvantages: the inner box of the sample and the lamp distance is not equal, or placed in the corner of the sample radiation is weak, so the need to suspend the test to adjust the placement of samples.

How to choose Xenon lamp irradiance?

The irradiance of light is the ratio of the light energy to the light energy on a plane. The equipment must be able to control the intensity of light irradiation in order to accelerate the test and reproduce the test results. Changes in irradiance affect the rate at which a material deteriorates, while changes in wavelength, such as the energy distribution of the spectrum, also affect the rate and type of degradation. The device is equipped with a light-sensing probe, also known as the Sun Eye, a high-precision light-control system that compensates for the drop in light energy caused by the aging of the lamp or any other changes.

Xenon lamp has the following irradiance choices:

1. Full Spectrum 290-2450nm, 400-1120w/m2;

2. UV 340NM, 0.35-0.9W/M2;

3. UV 300-400NM, 40W-60W;

4.420NM, 0.55-1.2W/m2;

When we select xenon lamp, also must choose the suitable test product irradiance, like this only then can obtain the objective test result!

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