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How to conduct a puncture force test on plastic film or composite film?

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China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Company News
How to conduct a puncture force test on plastic film or composite film?
Latest company news about How to conduct a puncture force test on plastic film or composite film?

For plastic or composite films, puncture resistance is one of the most important performance indicators. Especially for the packaging of steamed meat products, the content includes poultry meat products. This is because bones have a strong puncture ability on packaging materials. If the puncture resistance of packaging materials is not strong, bones may cause the packaging bag to be punctured, leading to food spoilage or leakage. In addition, if the plastic film or composite film has weak puncture resistance, it is also susceptible to damage from external factors. Therefore, puncture strength testing has become an indispensable testing item for packaging bags in many food packaging material factories and food production enterprises. There are clear provisions in GB/T10004-2008 (Plastic Composite Film for Packaging, Bag Dry Composite, and Extrusion Composite) for its testing methods.


Puncture strength (force) refers to the maximum force generated during the penetration process of a specified diameter puncture needle on a specimen. During the experiment, the sample is clamped in a fixture to ensure that it does not move during the puncture process. The upper clamp of the equipment is equipped with a puncture needle that meets the standard requirements. After starting the experiment, the puncture needle moves upwards according to the set test speed to puncture the sample. The upper clamp of the equipment is equipped with precision force sensors and displacement sensors, which can accurately test the force and displacement changes generated during the puncture process (related to the deformation of the sample), And real-time display of the tested force and displacement to obtain the puncture resistance performance of the sample


The main instruments used in the thin film puncture strength experiment are the HD-B609B-S computer servo tensile material tester, equipped with standard puncture fixtures. The instrument integrates multiple professional and independent testing programs such as tension, tear, constant extension tension, downward pressure, puncture retention force, etc., providing users with various test projects;

tensile testing machine

Film puncture fixture: This fixture is suitable for the puncture strength test of standards (GB10004-2008, GB21302-2017): Install a 100mm diameter test piece on the sample film fixed clamp ring, and then use a 1.0mm diameter steel needle with a spherical top radius of 0.5mm to puncture at a speed of (50 ± 5) mm/min to read the maximum load of the steel needle penetrating the test piece. If the number of test pieces is more than 5, the arithmetic mean value shall be taken.

latest company news about How to conduct a puncture force test on plastic film or composite film?  2

Product parameters

Model: HD-B432 Film Puncture Fixture

Test standards: GB10004-2008, GB21302-2017

Testing instrument: computer servo single and double column tensile tester

Specification: L115 * W115 * H275mm

Material: S45C

Type: Standard fixture

Weight: approximately 3kg

Applicable samples: composite film and bag for packaging

Test force value: within 100N

Customization option: non-standard customization according to customer needs


Sample parameters

Applicable but not limited to packaging composite films and bags made from different plastic materials using dry lamination and extrusion lamination processes.


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