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How's your express?

China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
The instruments you recommend are very suitable for the testing needs of our laboratory products, after-sale is very patient to answer all our questions, and guide us how to operate, very nice.

—— Div Harish

You are very professional partners and we are willing to establish long-term cooperative relations with you.

—— Wojtek Krawczyk

On behalf of the company to visit your factories and companies, the technical staff is very professional and patient, I think I would be happy to cooperate with you again.

—— Manuel Munoz

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Company News
How's your express?
Latest company news about How's your express?

Although the Double 11 Festival this year is a little darker than previous years and the atmosphere is not all strong under the influence of the epidemic, there are still many children who can't bear to get rich! Whether it is from daily necessities, cosmetics and skin care products, household appliances, snacks and beverages, etc., the next days will be waiting for surprises!


After a long wait, my friends will be happy to get their booty; Are you full of expectation!

express tester

Are there some disappointments sometimes? Surprise turns into fright? Why is my express package broken? Is my baby broken or missing? I believe that all the kids who love online shopping have had this experience.

carton test machine

In fact, due to various factors of handling and transportation, as well as the irresistible weather in various places, our express delivery has experienced various cold, hot, humid, hot and humid environments, as well as throwing, throwing, squeezing, pressing and other external forces before reaching us. It may lead to a little "small surprise" in our express delivery. At this time, the little partners and the little brother of the courier are all having a headache. What exactly is the problem?


In fact, consumers' requirements are getting higher and higher. In addition to the quality and cost performance of the product itself, the requirements for packaging are becoming more and more strict for the shopping experience. If a beautiful article is delivered due to the damage of the outer packaging, it will greatly affect consumer satisfaction, and even lead to risks such as return and exchange. How can our businesses and express companies work together to improve the packaging and reduce accidents caused by packaging?

QTS Group has launched a number of packaging testing instruments and equipment to solve your worries about packaging!

latest company news about How's your express?  2

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber-HD-E702 series

Simulate the high and low temperature, humid and hot environment during the storage and transportation of packaging cases

latest company news about How's your express?  3

carton compression tester - HD-A501/502 series

Simulate the compression and stacking environment during the storage and transportation of packaging cases

latest company news about How's your express?  4

Simulated transport vibration table-HD-A521 series

Simulate the vibration and collision environment generated during the transportation of the packaging box

latest company news about How's your express?  5

Single wing drop tester - HD-A520 series

Simulate the throwing and falling environment during the transportation and handling of the packaging box



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