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Future trends in machinery manufacturing

China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Future trends in machinery manufacturing
Latest company news about Future trends in machinery manufacturing

Since the first industrial Revolution started with the Jenny spinning machine in Britain, human society changed from the agricultural age to the industrial age. Tens of thousands of peasant workers collectively changed into workers, and the working class came into being. Human productivity also exploded.

In the following decades, the second industrial Revolution due to the outbreak of electricity led to the explosive growth of human productivity.

However, both of these two industrial revolutions transferred the vast peasant masses to the working class and enjoyed the demographic dividend.

With the beginning of the third information industry revolution in the United States, the mechanical manufacturing industry underwent industrial upgrading, replacing the previous two cheap workers with CNC automation, and the low-end manufacturing industry shifted to the high-end manufacturing industry. Therefore, another problem was also born.


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The first two industrial revolutions drove farmers into the cities and turned them into factory workers. After the third information industrial Revolution, from low-end and cheap industrial production to high-end manufacturing, precision improved and more high-end handicrafts emerged.

However, if there are fewer workers, they will lose their jobs, and the low-end manufacturing in the market cannot compete with the high-end manufacturing in China. What should we do?

As a result, low-end manufacturing began to move cheaper and cheaper overseas to areas with large populations and backwater;

Therefore, it created the golden development period of the manufacturing industry in East Asia and Southeast Asia, as well as the emergence of the "Four Asian tigers".

However, represented by transnational capital soros group, began to hype the Thai currency, at this point, the financial crisis of southeast Asia, the manufacturing group total collapse collapse, cut chives, laid-off workers, however, as the sole survivor Chinese different regime to survive, the southeast Asia low-end manufacturing to continue to move closer to mainland China, create a good opportunity for reform and development of mainland China.

But over time, Chinese workers are now demanding higher wages, and technology is upgrading as part of low-end manufacturing shifts to higher-end manufacturing and part shifts overseas.

In China, the problem of upgrading to high-end manufacturing appears just like that in the United States. Due to the high degree of automation in high-end manufacturing, workers are replaced by robots. There may only be one or two workers in the whole workshop, and other workers will have to be laid off and find another job.

However, as a country, industrial upgrading is indispensable, and the problem of workers' unemployment caused by industrial upgrading must also be solved. A country's social stability is closely related to the unemployment rate, which cannot be solved, and the collapse of the government will either transfer contradictions to the outside world.

Therefore, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a "new self-employed" policy.

At this point, with the increase of workers' costs, industrial upgrading is indispensable, and it is also the future development trend. The manufacturing industry is bound to be intelligent development, and it is also the only way to upgrade human civilization.

Haida testing instrument as a focus on the physical properties of large manufacturers, more clearly aware that in today's era, the importance of intelligent development, grasps the concept of sustainable development, constantly optimize the product structure, realize the transformation and upgrade of the enterprise itself, is moving toward strive to become the domestic first-class, internationally renowned property testing instrument comprehensive business goals forward.


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