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Common Troubleshooting Methods of Furniture Comprehensive Testing Machine

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China Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.,LTD certification
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Company News
Common Troubleshooting Methods of Furniture Comprehensive Testing Machine
Latest company news about Common Troubleshooting Methods of Furniture Comprehensive Testing Machine

1. This equipment is mainly used to test the surfaces, foot posts and drawers of tables, single-layer beds, chairs and cabinets, and meets the test requirements of relevant national standards, European standards and American standards. In addition, the industry standards required by customers can also be designed to meet the needs. In the specific design of this equipment, different test modules will be configured according to different test samples. This equipment can meet the testing needs of a variety of furniture products. It is also a product with high annual sales and good domestic and export performance.

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2. There are many testing stations for this equipment, and there are relatively many electrical components, navigation control plugs, wiring, etc. installed on the machine. With the increase of service time, some failures may occur. Now, some common failures and troubleshooting methods are summarized as follows:
2.1 After the machine is powered on, turn the start button to the ON position and the machine is not powered on.
● Open the control box to confirm whether the fuse in the fuse holder is burnt out. If it is burnt out, replace it.
● Use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage of the incoming line of the external power supply in the machine is normal. If there is no voltage or the voltage is low or high, eliminate the cause.
● Check whether the wiring terminals are loose, and whether the connector drops or has poor contact. Confirm whether there is disconnection, and use the continuity gear of the multimeter to measure the disconnection of the suspect line.
2.2 Communication fault
2.2.1 The touch screen does not communicate with PLC.
● Replace the communication line.
● Re plug the communication cable.
● Replace the PLC and confirm whether the PLC communication interface is damaged.
2.2.2 Communication failure between transmitter and PLC.
● Check whether the wiring is loose, whether the wire ends fall and break.
● Replace the transmitter and confirm whether the transmitter is damaged.
● Change the PLC and confirm whether the PLC interface is damaged.
2.3 No action of corresponding cylinder group after manual or test start.
● Check whether the air pressure value of the barometer on the duplex is within the specified range. If not, confirm whether the air source is not opened or the air valve is not adjusted to the specified range.
● Firstly, confirm whether the extension or retraction of the corresponding group of cylinders under manual operation is normal. If not, confirm whether the corresponding point on PLC has output; If there is output, check whether the corresponding solenoid valve acts; If the solenoid valve acts, confirm whether the proportional valve is abnormal or whether the precision pressure regulating valve is open.
● If the solenoid valve, proportional valve and precision pressure regulating valve are judged to be defective, replace them for confirmation.
2.4 Abnormal lifting of the test group.
● Check whether the motor power supply wiring and the control part wiring are loose, or the wire ends fall or break.
● Confirm whether the button in the control button box has poor contact or the internal connector is loose, disconnected or disconnected.
● Confirm whether the motor is damaged.

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